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Quik-Fit 3, Tower & Nacelle Lighting and Power System

A Truly Modular System – Moltec Windpower Products essentially designs, engineers and fabricates the industry’s first Pre-engineered, Pre-assembled, and Pre-tested, modular lighting and electrical utility service systems for wind turbine tower and nacelle applications. Moltec originally developed this concept and produced its first generation system known as Quik-Fit in 2006, with successful installations into numerous tower designs for the North American market.

The system evolved and the Quik-Fit 3 system was introduced. This system is truly modular, providing a single utility trunk line interconnecting harness, which carries two (2) circuits through the tower length. Its non-metallic, corrugated, watertight design is constructed of a specially modified polyamide compound that is rugged yet very flexible, and exceeds all agency requirements for smoke, flame, and toxicity ratings, operating down to -40°C [-40°F]. All electrical materials and components used in the construction of the Quik-Fit 3 system are UL Listed or Recognized and/or CSA/US approved. All construction is done in the Moltec factory under its ISO 9001-2015 Certification and its Total Quality Management program, assuring consistent quality throughout.

Simplicity and Ease of Installation – The Quik-Fit 3 system trunk-line interconnect harnesses are available in virtually any length. When mated with the unique trunk-line interconnect ‘T’ assemblies, or in series between devices, these trunk-line interconnect harnesses allow for placement of our numerous light fixtures, power utility boxes, switches, and power input assemblies (all called devices) wherever, and whenever the tower or nacelle layout requires.

The simplicity and ease of installation of the Quik-Fit 3 system comes from the design of our special connectors used on all trunk-line interconnects and devices. The connectors are constructed with a non-metallic watertight design and feature quarter-turn fastening, anti-back off, and vibration proof features each carrying two (2) separate circuits, one for lighting and one for power outlets. No electrical wiring labor or tools are required for installations. Simply twist-and-lock the keyed mating connectors and the system is built, and of course this installation can be done without specialized and costly skilled labor. Moltec provides simple to follow written and illustrated instructions with the system which are available in several languages.

Simple Design Layouts – The system makes design layout very simple. Just place the lights and outlet boxes (devices) in your elevation drawing where desired and calculate the distance between, then specify the trunk line interconnect harness lengths. Next calculate the distance from the trunk line ‘T’ interconnect to the devices in a branched system, or from device to device in a serial system design. Finally, simply specify the trunk-line interconnect harness lengths and you’re done. Additionally, Moltec can provide engineering and design-in support services at very reasonable cost and we can do your entire layout for you in CAD drawings and/or 3-D modeling formats.

You can also choose to have these modular components kitted by tower section which makes the purchasing, material handling, and of course, the installation that much faster. When the towers arrive at the construction site even more savings will be had as the tower installation contractor need only make one fast and simple twist-and-lock connection between tower sections. In and out in no time, and the power outlets and the lighting can operate in minutes to assist in the tower construction process.

Advantages For The Installer

  • Minimal Material Handling & Logistics Costs
  • Installed with Very Low Labour Content
  • No Hand Wiring or Tools Required
  • Pre-Engineered System Fits First Time, Every Time
  • Pre-Assembled Components Provide Consistent Results
  • Pre-Tested in Factory, Field Test Kit Provided
  • No Skilled Labour required for installation
  • Proven Lower Installed Cost vs. “Build in Place”

The System Summary

  • Modular Design Provides Fast Efficient Layout.
  • Compact Trunk Line Provides Multiple Circuits.
  • Modular Connectors for Fast & Secure Installation.
  • Low Labour Hours to Install
  • No Hand Wiring or Tools Required.
  • Modular Devices Can Be Placed Anywhere.
  • Factory Quality Tested.
  • Fast Interconnection Between Tower & Nacelle.
  • Fast and Simple Device Repair / Service.


  • Unlimited and changeable design layouts in any tower configuration minimizes engineering time.
  • Pre-engineered lighting, power outlets, panels inputs, switches & accessories for any location.
  • Components from a single source with limited part numbers to manage and handle.
  • Fast and simple installation in towers and at job site with no skilled labour required.
  • Single Modular Trunk Line distributes two circuits up-tower minimizing handling and routing issues.
  • Agency approvals removes risks and costs associated with non code compliant designs.
  • Easy to manage light and utility electric circuit in a compact single harness design.
  • Protects electrical circuits from damage or failure during transit, construction, and operations.
  • Assures expected performance in varying and extreme climates and conditions.
  • All components are self extinguishing, non-flame propagating materials promoting safety.
  • Allows easy connection of the system to input power sources providing fast tower power up at job site.
  • Provides a fast and simple test process assuring system integrity at installation and tower erection.

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