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Moltec International® supplies a wide range of standard and custom solutions used for the protection of wires and cables in the transit industry. Our GRIP LOCK ® product line includes specially modified non-metallic conduits, fittings, system supports and accessories that deliver proven quality and a long service life. Our solutions have been designed for use in the toughest environments in and around all rail applications.

Exterior Applications

Our heavy grade conduits are flexible yet very durable making them ideal for both static and dynamic outdoor applications. The GRIP LOCK ® conduit exhibits outstanding resistance to UV and weathering at low and high temperatures and flexes its muscles with exceptional mechanical resistance and impact strength. Our solutions surpass customer expectations in areas where other products fall short. The IP69K (NEMA 6P) fittings make for a smooth ride with shock and vibration proof connections underneath the railcar, on the railcar rooftop, for inter-car jumpers, couplers and bogies.

Interior Applications

Protecting wires and cables in passenger zones such as people movers is a breeze with our selection of GRIP LOCK ® products that comply with the highest international flame, smoke and toxicity standards. Our conduit has excellent self-extinguishing properties with minimal emission of smoke and toxic gases. 

    Under the railcar, on the rooftop, at couplers and bogies or even inter-car jumpers, Moltecs IP69K (NEMA 6P) fittings perform flawlessly. Our shock and vibration proof connectors withstand extreme weather, high-temperatures and provide complete UV protection. Our integrated locking system makes installation in the field quick and easy saving you time and money.

    Wayside and signaling

    wayside and Signaling

    From ballast stones to high signal lighting, Moltec protects wires and cables from daily wear and tear on signal installations, control monitoring and information systems. The GRIP LOCK ® system ensures safe, reliable, tamperproof assemblies.

    Railway Infrastructure

    GRIP LOCK ® solutions ensure safe and reliable functioning of track side and tunnel applications. GRIP LOCK ®
    protect wire and cables from the harmful effects of the environment on signal installations, control and monitoring systems and power supplies to high voltage rails. Moltecs LHT (NFPA130 rated) conduit used in conjunction with our GRIP LOCK ® (IP69K rated) fittings are the perfect solution for all your wayside and signaling needs.

    Wayside Heater Rail Connection


    • ASTM E 162, ASTM E 662 & ASTM E 1354
    • Bombardier SMP 800-C
    • Boeing BSS 7239
    • DIN 5510
    • NFPA 130

    Advantages for the Installer

    • UL Listed and/or CSA/US Approved
    • Ingress protection up to IP69K (NEMA 6P)
    • Excellent weather and UV resistance
    • Enhanced flexibility and fatigue strength
    • Excellent mechanical strength compression/impact also at low temperatures and dry air conditions
    • Self-extinguishing with very low smoke development
    • Shock and vibration proof connections
    • ROHS and REACH compliant


    • Track switch controllers
    • Proximity and speed sensors
    • Crossing arm/ Level crossing harnesses
    • Overhead or wayside signals
    • Track heating/ De-icing
    • Video recording systems
    • Hot wheel detection
    • GPS 
    • Tag Readers
    • Acoustic monitoring systems


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