Corrugated Nylon Flexible Conduit, Polyamide 6NEXT
This Conduit has excellent mechanical and flexibility characteristics and is designed for any installation with medium to high flexibility requirements. This versatile conduit is recommended for a wide variety of applications and uses including General Machine, Marine Engines, Hospital and Dental Equipment, Solar Panel Arrays, and Mechanical Wire & Cable Protection solutions.
The heavy-walled CHS conduit demonstrates a very high degree of mechanical strength. Paired with enhanced fire retardant characteristics and minimal smoke development, it is ideal for use in static applications, the mining industry as well as heavy duty machinery and equipment manufacturing.
PHG conduit is produced from specially modified polyamide 6. This heavy duty material offers outstanding self-extinguishing characteristics and is halogens, phosphor and cadmium free. Owing to its self-extinguishing properties and low smoke gas development, PHG is used in the mining industry on a variety of applications including mobile and stationary mining equipment. PHG's distinctive green colour clearly identifies electrical wiring from hydraulic applications in darkened environments.