Corrugated Nylon Flexible Conduit, Polyamide 12NEXT
The main characteristic of this medium to heavy walled polyamide 12 conduit is the high fatigue strength while undergoing reverse bending stress. LHT is ideal for continuous dynamic use at very low temperatures. With its smoke, flame and toxicity certifications and excellent UV and weathering resistance, LHT is particularly suitable for outside dynamic use on people movers, railway vehicles (roof, bogie & underframe), public transit, robotic applications and solar tracking systems & arrays.
LHR is a highly flexible polyamide 12 conduit and is formulated specifically for flexibility, fatigue strength and exceptional abrasion resistance. This conduit is ideal for motion intensive applications such as automation and robotics as well as pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.
These highly flexible, heavy-grade conduits are characterized by outstanding resistance to weather and UV (sunlight) as well as by excellent low temperature properties. They are used in the automotive industry, especially for exterior applications as well as for all applications involving movements in extreme weather conditions.