Industry Specific Flexible ConduitNEXT
This conduit is designed for use in the food industry. This highly specialized material is suitable for applications on machines and productive structures built for the formulation of food and beverages. TMF has an enhanced resistance to acids, bases and watery compounds and has the added advantage of acting like a high quality thermal insulator. TMF's outer material has been designed to cover and protect installed fittings from all possible food contaminants.
This conduit combines the technical characteristics of PME with the excellent mechanical strength of its metal braid jacketing. Owing to its special construction with the steel braid covering, PMB provides substantial protection against rodents, sparks, slag and hot chips found in braking systems, welding equipment and metal machining.
This medium to heavy conduit has been developed to guarantee excellent resistance to chemicals and high temperatures. VMS is used in the chemical and food industries, particularly, in machine building, ovens and in many industrial applications where chemical corrosive agents and high temperatures are evident.
This conduit is used extensively in electrical hybrid vehicle applications. Resistant to high temperatures and hydrolysis, HTP's thermoplastic copolyester material does not decompose in the presence of water (liquid or vapor form) over extended exposure. HTP's strength and durability are not compromised in this type of environment.