Control Panel Interconnect
Advantages for the Installer
  • Ingress protection up to IP68 (NEMA 6P)
  • UL Listed and/or CSA/US Approved
  • Easy to apply, safe in operation
    and reliable in long-term use
  • Very resistant to most common chemicals,
    acids, and bases
  • Self extinguishing
  • Free of halogens and cadmium
  • Shock and vibration proof connection
    with conduits
  • ROHS and REACH compliant
Machine Interface
Specific Fittings
  • Metric, NPT and PG, metal and plastic threads
  • Available with strain relief elements
  • Custom fittings and assemblies available
  • Design and manufacturing capabilities
    for specialty fittings
A Comprehensive Product for a Diverse Industry
General Machine

Machine manufacturers make up a very diverse and specialized industry. Each manufacturer designs machines to function at peak performance every time in order to meet customer needs with packaging, printing, and processing machinery, filling and loading systems, heating and ventilation, and conveyor systems to name a few. Whether you are building a one-off or a series of machines, GRIP LOCK wire and cable protection solutions is the answer.

GRIP LOCK is manufactured from specially formulated polyamide. Various conduit styles are available to cover most application requirements and all deliver distinct attributes such as mechanical strength, flexibility, broad temperature range and UV resistance. The conduit is accompanied by a full range of fittings, system supports, and accessories, each available in different configurations, sizes and thread types.

Machine Interface
Machine Interface

Our fully sealed GRIP LOCK solutions protect the wires and cables on machines against potential stresses that include pull, compression, and impact, as well as abrasion and vibration. A dependable, safe, and easy connection between the conduit and fittings is achieved with our unique integrated locking element for a secure and aesthetically pleasing termination. A hand tool is used to open and close the locking element to prevent vandalism or unintended disconnection. The loss of individual components is also minimized with the integrated locking element design.

Our vast assortment of GRIP LOCK conduits, fittings, system supports and accessories come together to provide machine builders with comprehensive solutions for the protection of wires and cables for a multitude of machine types. Our breadth and depth of products ensures a quality solution can be easily found for any standard or custom project.

Machine Interconnection
Machine Interconnection