Moltec Hybrid
Hybrid bus
Protection Against:
  • Abrasion
  • Shock
  • High Impact
  • High Vibration
  • Dynamic Movements
  • Chemical Corrosion
  • Hydrolysis
  • All Elements of Weather and Temperature Ranges
New & Re-Engineered
  • Power Cable Assemblies
  • Battery Cable Assemblies
  • Controls/Signal Cable Assemblies
  • Extreme Application Wire Harnesses
DPIM Side of the Harness
Drive Unit Side
Wiring Protection Systems for the Hybrid Industry
Harness Assemblies for Extreme Applications

Over the past 32 years, Moltec has grown to become one of the industry's leading sources for wire and cable interface solutions as well as engineering and fabrication of specialized wire and cable harness assemblies for extreme applications in various market sectors.

Moltec's Flexible non-metallic conduit and back-shell systems in conjunction with our specialty metal fittings are combined with the finest tinned copper braid to make reliable, lightweight, and vibration-proof plug n'play harness assemblies. The fully shielded EMI interconnection system provides optical coverage of over 95% featuring 360 degree contact assuring a very low resistance to ground. Our harnesses provide the protection and durability necessary in extreme applications for the markets we serve.

Our New AC Hybrid Harness

It is imperative that wiring protection systems in the hybrid industry do not exceed weight restrictions, yet remain durable enough to withstand the extreme conditions found in areas such as underneath, between and on top of the vehicles.

Moltec's success in the Hybrid Drive market is a result of our long standing industry involvement, technical expertise, outstanding customer service, and uncompromising product quality.

New & Re-Engineered

Our Hybrid Harnesses have been re-engineered and re-designed to reduce manufacturing and assembly time, reduce the number of components, and effectively reduce the weight of the harness. These modifications have significantly cut the harness costs without compromising the fit, performance, or quality and we are pleased to pass the savings onto our customers!

Re-Engineered DPIM & Drive Unit Interface Connectors
  • Revised EMI locking method reduces cost and assembly time while maintaining functionality
  • Introduction of new swivels increasing robustness & performance
  • Reduced number of components resulting in a smaller envelope
  • Improved manufacturability of components resulting in cost reduction
  • Moltec's high quality and esthetic standards ensure high performance and efficiencies of our product
Our New DC Hybrid Harness