Design & Development
Engineering Services

As an essential part of Moltec's value-added integration solutions, our engineering services team works closely with customers to first, identify the fundamental need and second, define the project parameters. Once the project details are finalized, our goal is to evaluate and optimize product functionality and minimize manufacturing costs. Throughout the product development life cycle, our skilled engineers provide innovative solutions using up to date CAD software.

Product Development

Years of industry experience across a wide and diverse spectrum of businesses prepares our engineers for designing solutions that shorten product development time and are cost effective. Working with cross functional teams including Industrial Design, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Moltec delivers solutions that are rooted in practical applications and headed up by project management expertise. Our customers keep on coming back year after year for our support and follow through on:

  • Conceptual design
  • Industrial and mechanical engineering
  • CAD modeling and detailing
  • Simulation, analysis and prototyping
  • Product testing and manufacturing

The Moltec consulting team offers forward-thinking insight and knowledge in order to break through any design and operational challenges. We provide design engineering services to a diverse clientele, ranging from medium sized, single-product companies to multinational, multiproduct corporations. Many of our customers are Global 1000 companies who use our services as a management tool to balance their variable workloads.

Project Management

Project management plays a key role in combining our services to deliver a solution that exceeds our clients' goals. We do this by thoroughly planning, coordinating, securing, managing, and controlling resources in a proficient and professional manner, all within a customer specified time frame and budget guidelines. Using a seamless approach, the Moltec team members are involved in all stages of the development process from concept to finished product. The end result is an uncompromising product that retains the essence of the original vision.

  • Access to Licensed Professional Engineers
  • Thorough Understanding and Compliancy of Industry Standards and Codes
  • Comprehensive 3D CAD Library Available
  • Product Integration with Customer Designs
  • Full System Layout and Commissioning