Head office facility in Oakville, Ontario
Warehouse in Oakville, Ontario
Quick Fit II
Grip Lock is Moltec's newest generation of flexible non-metallic conduit and interface fittings
Moltec was originally established with a vision to supply the material handling industries with high quality Process Control Equipment and Components.
As a progressive company, and in order to serve our customers more effectively, the company expanded into the distribution of electrical components by acquiring distribution rights to a European line of non-metallic wire and cable protection systems. In the 20 years that followed, Moltec would elevate the line from its infancy as a virtually unknown product to the premier wire and cable protection system available in North America.
By focusing on and exceeding our customers' service, delivery and quality expectations, Moltec experienced continued success in the United States. As a result, a satellite office was opened in Orlando, Florida.
As the company grew, we increased our facility from 5000 to 15,000 sq ft in order to accommodate for additional inventory that would allow us to serve our customers better.
An increasing need for specialty products resulted in our expansion into the design, engineering and manufacture of metal adapters and custom fittings for use with our flexible conduit system. We embraced the continually evolving needs of the market and its customers with our unique customer specific solutions.
A staffed sales office was opened in Corona, California to strengthen our presence on the west coast.
Our reputation for developing highly revered solutions resulted in the company becoming more heavily involved in various applications for both standard and EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) harness assemblies. We increased our facility space to 26,000 sq ft to accommodate for the production of these harnesses.
Moltec introduced a "plug & play" harness assembly incorporating our flexible conduit system and our cutting edge adapters and connectors for the protection of high voltage cables in the Hybrid Bus Manufacturing sector.
Moltec launched Quik-Fit II, the first pre-engineered, pre-assembled and pre-tested modular lighting and electrical utility service systems for wind turbine tower and nacelle applications.

Moltec established itself as a knowledgeable, capable design resource and manufacturer whose non-compromising quality reflected in our designs and products. Our operations expanded once again and our head office facility moved to a 47,000 sq ft facility in Oakville, Ontario.
Customer needs are a top priority at Moltec and we strive every day to ensure all customer requirements are met. To bring this motivation and spirit into a formal commitment, a quality management system to ISO 9001:2008 was implemented. This ensured constant improvement of the company processes and customer satisfaction.
Moltec began a partnership with Gimota, a European manufacturer of circular and data connectors with a strong reputation overseas but, little exposure in the North American market up until that point.

Our commitment to developing products for the renewable and clean energy markets led us to create our Solar EZ Connect system. The fully-wired "Plug & Play" solution was designed and manufactured to protect and properly manage DC wiring associated with photovoltaic solar panel strings and arrays running up to the combiner boxes, making installation much faster and easier.
Moltec adds "Cover It" Braided Sleeving Solutions as well as an assortment of Heavy-Duty Terminals and Splices in order to complement our wire and cable protection products and provide our customers with more options for their needs.
Moltec launches a brand new line of wire and cable protection products. The GRIP LOCK solutions exceed the performance level of the previously offered line with a more secure and reliable connection that is easy to install.