EMI Fitting Assembly
Cable Protection Solutions for Shielding Applications

The electro-magnetic interference resistance (EMI) is the capability of an electric or electronic unit to function satisfactorily within its own electromagnetic surroundings without interfering with other equipment operating in the same field. The EMI series connector & braid system greatly limits the transmission of interference and offers optimum shielding solutions which are easy to install and guarantee a secure connection.

Our More InfoEMP Connectors (EMI fitting w/ pressure ring) are manufactured from nylon and nickel plated aluminum or brass, and are used together with the standard conduit and mounting components. The nylon material is self-extinguishing and free of halogen and cadmium. The conduit styles offer high impact resistance, outstanding UV protection and excellent flexibility. The shield braid is manufactured from tinned copper and offers up to 90% coverage . A water ingress protection of up to IP68 (1500 psi jet spray wash-down) can be achieved, and the 360° clamping feature of the braid connection eliminates any EMI interference. Excellent shielding effectiveness and low coupling resistance characterize the system, and meet North American and European EMI/EMC requirements.

Potential Problem Areas:
  • Electric Motors
  • Ignition systems in motor vehicles
  • In heating installations
  • Switching and regulating connections
  • Radio transmitters

Various configuration options are available, including straight, 45°, 90°, Y and T junctions, swivel capabilities and internalized strain reliefs. They can interface with all types of circular connector on the market. Any required thread size can be manufactured (in UNEF, NPT, Metric & PG) for any configuration, and we also offer connections to solid tube. Our skilled Mechanical & Electrical Engineering team can provide new design solutions for your application within a short time frame, ensuring high quality, reliability and safety to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.