Cable Protection Solutions for Shielding Applications STOP using expensive shielded cables that have high minimum order quantities. Wires and cables are fully protected using our unique cable protection solutions for shielding applications. Secure and easy to use, our systemdelivers: North American and European EMI/EMC requirements Protection of up to IP68 / NEMA 6P (1500 psi jet spray wash-down) Excellent compression and impact strength even at low temperatures and dry air conditions Enhanced flexibility and fatigue strength Excellent UV andweathering resistance Countless interface options Fully reusable system - easy to add / replace wires EM connectors are manufactured from nylon and nickel- plated aluminum or brass. The nylon material is self- extinguishing and free fromhalogens and cadmium. Various fitting configurations are available, including straight, 90°, 45°, Y and T junctions, swivel capabilities and internalized strain reliefs. Our fittings are used with GRIP LOCK flexible nylon conduit and system supports for a complete solution. The system can interface with all types of circular connectors on the market. Any required thread size can bemanufactured (inUNEF, NPT, Metric and PG) for any configuration, andwe also offer connections to solid tube. Our skilled Mechanical and Electrical engineering team can provide new design solutions for your application within a short time frame, ensuring high quality, reliability and safety tomeet your requirements and exceed your expectations.