Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is noise that may interrupt, obstruct, or degrade a signal. This results in a partial or even total loss of data. Electromagnetic interference resistance is the ability of an electric or electronic unit to function within its own magnetic surroundingswithout interferingwith, or receiving disturbance from, other equipment operating in the same field. ElectricMotors Ignition Systems inMotor Vehicles Heating Installations Switching and Regulating Connections Radio Transmitters Our EMI Shielding System virtually eliminates electromagnetic interference. Wires and cables are shielded using tinned copper braid that delivers over 95% of coverage and is clamped using a 360° design for optimal screening and low impedance connections. This allows high short circuit currents to pass and effectively discharge disturbances such as electrical signals and magnetic fields to the housing. Efficiency of the system is maximized by running the shielding the entire length of the assembly and terminating at the connector. Common problem areas include: Cable Protection Solutions for Shielding Applications