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SS MVW.00 00 10.12.12 Specifications are subject to change without notice MVW Woven Volcanic Rock Tape Withstands Heat Up To 1,500°F Fiber Wrap MVW is made from continuous filament basalt fiber and is engineered for protection from temperatures of up to1,500°F. When wrapped around exhaust pipes, the unique construction creates an attractive and durable finished product. It is 25% stronger and provides a 300°F increase in temperature protection over fiberglass wrap. The product is very rugged, and will not exhibit any vibration damage over long periods of use. This fiber wrap is easy to install and will provide a long service life of protection. • High temperature resistance • Easy to Install • Resists gasoline & engine chemicals • Great appearance • Colour: Basalt (BA) Melt Point ASTM D-2117 2,400°F (1,316°C) Maximum Continuous Mil-I-23053 1,200°F (649°C) MVW 2.00 BA TYPE NW COLOUR Width (NW) (mm) (in) Kg/100m Lbs/100' (M ) (F) MVW1.00BA.15 1" 1.6 1/16" 2.53 1.70 15 50 MVW2.00BA.15 2" 1.6 1/16" 4.76 3.20 15 50 Standard Spool Put-Ups Wall Thickness Order Number Weight MVW reduces under-hood temperatures up to 70%, increases horsepower and fuel efficiency. The fiber works by holding heat within the header, which creates a better exhaust flow. This allows easy removal of spent gasses and creates more airflow to the engine. 15 PU